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Aging But DANGEROUS was conceived when our discussions turned from wine, weddings and weekend getaways to what was happening to our wit,  wallets and waistlines. It wasn’t just one single issue. We were experiencing a multitude of converging shifts in how we perceived and experienced life. Were we in dangerous territory?

Whether avoiding danger, pursuing danger or admitting that we are a danger, we feel that risk and danger become heightened as we age.

Many of us take a pledge to hold on to what we can of our youthful selves until WE are ready to let go. Sometimes we want an edge; sometimes we seek a little danger…(stimulation). Like getting a tattoo or jumping out of an airplane, danger is truly in the eyes of the endangered. Some of us become conservative and want to avoid danger. It’s not our style—or is it? Many of us feel that we are becoming more dangerous: poorer driving skills, loss of physical agility, forgetting what we have done—or not done.

There is a common denominator needed to navigate all of these challenges and opportunities, it is honesty!  By sharing our knowledge, inside tips, energy sources and cosmetic “indiscretions” that assist in helping us feel fabulous, we won’t be flying solo on our new journey. And it is a lot more fun to have some partners in crime along for the ride.

Uniting women through truthful communication to support feeling good about who they are and what they can become—that is us. Women can do anything they put their minds to—especially at this age.  And that IS beautifully dangerous!

Aging BUT®  is committed to healthy aging and living dangerously with fun, spirit and style!

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