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Join smart active women across the world as they boldly face the challenge of being 50 plus!

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This community of vibrant women share their points of view (often unexpected), provide very edgy humor and wrestle the challenge of aging to the ground with refreshing honesty! With an ever expanding roster of benefits from entertainment, to products uniquely designed for our women and thought provoking virtual sessions in which our members can participate.   Aging But DANGEROUS is initiating community conversations with other Aging But DANGEROUS members around the world.  DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE, SHARE and PROSPER!

  • A community, a place to engage with women of similar interest and questions. Be part of the team to examine your own challenges around aging and participate in the joy of developing solutions.

  • Diversity of activities, opinions and opportunities for women across the world to experience being Aging But DANGEROUS. Have the benefit of wise women at your fingertips.

  • Members have a confidential and exclusive platform on which to connect, share and learn from other members on both local and national issues relating to women. Stay current, stay healthy, stay vibrant!