5 Masks We Wear and Why We Should Take Them Off

Written by Tina Williamson

Imagine, for just a moment, a world where no one cared what car you drove, what designer handbag you carried, or what job you worked at.

Can you sense the freedom?

But this isn’t reality, because we do care. And because we care we’ve developed habitual masks to […]

Jennifer Pritchett on ABD SIZZLE Radio

Back by popular demand, and just in time for our October theme of costumes and masks. We are proud to have the Smitten Kitten as one of our newest sponsors!

Jennifer Pritchett is the owner and founder of the Twin Cities’ celebrated sex toy, supply and resource center, The Smitten Kitten. As a champion of pleasure-based adult […]

10 Lessons I Used From My Breast Cancer To Summit Mt. St. Helens

by Molly Lindquist • August 11, 2015 • BA50

Ever since my breast cancer diagnosis in October of 2011, I have lived my life differently. Whereas I used to be a very Type A, “look to the future,” kind of girl, I now truly appreciate each day. I remember feeling overwhelmed […]

The Secrets Of Badass Babes That Never Age


BetterAfter50 • May 21, 2015

Here’s the thing about “Badass Babes”, we don’t wait for anything. It’s a part of our charm. A “Badass Babe” doesn’t wait for her knight in shining armor, for happily ever after, or for someone else to […]

20 Things Midlife Women Keep In Their Closets

by Ronna Benjamin • April 14, 2015

Got Secrets?

If so… you are not alone.

Formerly in my closet, under some nice looking boots and a pedicure, is my toe fungus. Turns out, my dad’s prediction from about 40 years ago was spot on: “if you continue making fun of my discolored toes, Ronna, you’re gonna end up […]


By C. Suzanne Bates, first published April 29, 2014.

Blubber, that is the first word that comes to my mind.  It has begun to surround my mid-section.  Much like hot fudge flows over a large scoop of Hagen Daze ice-cream, (see there I go) it adheres to my body and we become one.  I’m disgusted with […]

Have You Tried Breakwinda Yoga?

by Melissa T. Shultz • March 16, 2014 (Better After 50)

I’m not proud of it: I make grunting noises whenever I bend over to pick something up. The same kinds of noises made by people 25 years my senior. For someone who once took ballet, who was fluid and quiet as a mouse while dancing […]

Five Words to Ruin a Date

The Huffington Post | By Shelley Emling

Posted: 01/15/2015 11:59 am EST Updated: 01/15/2015 4:59 pm EST

Dating isn’t easy, especially when you’re middle-aged or older and haven’t dated in, er, decades. But that isn’t stopping anyone. According to a study by Bowling Green State University, people over 60 represent the fastest-growing demographic in the online dating […]

Are You Hoarding Love?

by Johanna Lyman on the DailyOM blog

I read a great blog on hoarding the other day (3 Tips to Help a Hoarder). It got me thinking about the different things people hoard and reminded me of an epiphany I had a few years ago. My kid used to hoard things—scrap paper, broken […]

Dirty Little Secrets (the REAL dirt)!

ABD SIZZLE Radio features “Dirty Little Secrets” on every Saturday morning show. Our listeners wanted more information on these little tid-bits!

As the world population increases, feeding the masses will be more difficult. How about a diet of high-protein bugs? http://www.iflscience.com/environment/will-we-all-be-eating-insects-50-years

Jean gave us a yummy recipe for a chocolate bath soak. As you run warm […]