By the end of the week, I am a #2 – what about you?

A little Friday humor!

These women have courage – hat’s off to them!

Are you a veteran or do you know women who were?  We are so proud of our female veterans!

Oh My!

What do you obsess about when in this position?

Monday Morning Inspiration

I have given up on drama - Life is much simpler!!

ABD Humor – What age would you pick? Ask your friends!

35 was a good year for me....

ABD Humor – Insight on Exercise!!

Pick a different strategy!

We Discuss Ideas – We Think You Do Too!

What great ideas do you have?

We all have choices!! Tonight this is the one for me – what about you?

What are you choosing?  Your favorite wine is......

ABD Inspiration – Great Advice for a Monday Morning! Pass it on!

Practice living LARGE!!

ABD Inspiration – Where do you find your treasures??

I often find them in surprising places!

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