Feeling The Tingle Of Midlife Restlessness??

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Recalling Who You Are: Feeling The Tingle Of Midlife Restlessness By Blog and Photos by Gail Gates "What would you be glad you did--even if you failed?" --Brene Brown Have you ever discovered something about yourself while unintentionally eavesdropping?  Or, in the wisdom of cosmic timing, is it an accident to receive what is needed [...]

This happens to me all the time….what about you?

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Here is what some of the experts have to say - Click Here

Trivia Pursuit Here We Come!

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To learn other amazing facts you too can share - click on one of the following sites: Amazing Facts About The Human Body Amazing Facts About Earth Amazing Facts About Unicorns....we are DANGEROUS!!

A Day Brightener!!?

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Please let me know ASAP if you spot this crew!

When Our Naughty Bits Need Attention: The Anticipation Of An Aging But DANGEROUS Couple’s Night Event At The Smitten Kitten

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When Our Naughty Bits Need Attention: The Anticipation Of An Aging But DANGEROUS Couple’s Night Event At The Smitten Kitten                                                                         [...]

In remembrance of all who served – we are thankful!

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As the daughter of two Marines, I am so grateful for the armed forces as well as all who care for our communities!    I am especially proud of the women who served and are serving.

Do you have extra minutes? I do!

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I am busy being grateful for my wonderful body!

An interesting conversation…..

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What does one do next?

We LOVE this man’s work – it brings out the “DANGEROUS” in us! Enjoy!!

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Ari Seth Cohen From the first moment I met Mort and Ginny Linder (thanks to Joanna Lily Wong) I knew that I had to make a film about their awe inspiring love. Check out the first in a series of Advanced Love videos starring Mort and Ginny as featured on I-D Magazine today Thanks for [...]

Sometimes I wonder about us?

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Better take that defensive driving course again!

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