Don’t Be Caught Dead in that Ugly Dress! (And 4 Other Good Reasons to Preplan)

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You’ve always said you wouldn’t be caught dead in that hideous dress. You know the one—that floral, Pepto-Bismol pink monstrosity your cousin gave you for your birthday. Of course, you didn’t want to hurt her feelings. So instead of returning it to the store, you crammed that gruesome garb into the back of your closet, [...]

Danielle Radulovich-Nelson brings a new twist on saying goodbye on ABD SIZZLE

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Danielle Radulovich-Nelson is co-owner of Kozlak-Radulovich Funeral Chapels in NE Minneapolis, Blaine and Maple Grove. As a funeral director for 13 years in the longtime family business, Radulovich-Nelson has embraced an evolution in funeral services today, helping those who grieve remember loved ones in a deeply personal or creative way. She's passionate about offering ideas [...]

Blanche – the anonymous newlywed at 70 on ABD SIZZLE

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Check out the latest on ABD SIZZLE   Click on the photo below to listen to the show!

What is Your Legacy with Carol Liege on ABD SIZZLE

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Carol is a strategist with a passion for helping people accomplish world-changing goals, no matter how large or small their world may be. She has worked with the White House, Fortune 100 companies, many associations as well as start-up solopreneurs and retirees who want to make a difference. She has been on the cutting edge of major social [...]

So You Want Your Child to Have the Family Home…

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It seems to be a common theme.  Adult child lives with parent.  Maybe this is for financial reasons, or perhaps the child is acting as caretaker.  Parent wants child to have the home at the time of the parent’s death.  If the proper planning isn’t done, however, it’s very unlikely that the transition of the [...]

A Creative Solution for Your Wine Bottle Collection!

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Thanks to KitchenFunWithMy3Sons.  Especially for all our DIY women! They have some great garden projects plus lots of fun things to do with young people in your life!

Yours…Mine…and Ours – Tips on Successful Estate Planning with Blended Families

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If you’re remarried, you may face some interesting planning considerations when it comes to completing your estate plan.  The planning for blended families can be quite different from the planning you did in your first marriage as there is now yours, mine and ours.  The key to successful planning is open communication and a full [...]

For all our cat lovers…..

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  Learn more about cats in ancient Egypt - Click Here  

What is coming your way this week? Here are some tips!

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Check these strategies out compliments of Sandy East and Tiny Budha!

“GrandLoving” brings grandparent inspiration to ABD SIZZLE

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Sue Johnson will be our guest on Saturday, May 14th at 9:30 AM on KLBB 1220 AM.  Listen live or through streaming by clicking here.   Sue Johnson is the founder of Gramma's Graphics, Inc., Heartstrings Press, and the online resource, A mother of three, grandmother of six and an honorary mother of eight exchange students, Sue [...]

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