Three Generations of BUTTS

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OCTOBER 12, 2014 BY JANIE EMAUS Skin wrinkles. Hair whitens. Butts droop. Aging is not a pretty picture, is it? And it’s even less pretty when you’re in a dressing room with all those mirrors that don’t hide anything. Rather, they emphasis all those parts of your body which you’d like to imagine looked differently. [...]

How YOU Can Rock the Leopard Print

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Written by Doreen Dove, “Better After 50” blog, October 3, 2014 Is the lovely leopard luring you in? Unsure about how to navigate your way through the jungle this Fall? Here’s how to tame the desire – walk slowly and carry a big stick – only one stick that is! Think ‘categories’ here ladies, don’t [...]

The Curious History of Women Who ‘Passed’ As Men In Pursuit of a Dream

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Written by Marlo Thomas, award-winning actress, author and activist Of the many things I can't imagine myself doing -- like jumping out of an airplane -- I'd have to say that posing as a man would be pretty difficult for me. And who'd believe it? I'd make such a tiny little guy. Before Dustin Hoffman [...]

Self-Humiliation: as Easy as Falling Off a Bike

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Written by C. Suzanne Bates Mundane daily tasks of both life and work seem to always take up more of the day than I would prefer. Then there are the nuggets, those memorable experiences that are gifted to us which are not soon to be forgotten; the uniquely unexplainable or humiliatingly insane. Late this afternoon [...]

Falling In Love

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By Robin Korth Love, the "L" word, is what so many of us are searching for and yearning for. Somehow we think that if we could only be truly loved by someone else, that their love will caulk up all the empty holes we have and quiet the myriad questions that occupy our hearts and [...]

33 Things I Learned From Being Married Three Times

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Written by Michelle Combs: "Blogger, mother, wife, drinker of tequila" Posted in Huff Post, August 28, 2014 My husband and I had our 17th wedding anniversary this year and I am thrilled that this marriage did not tank like the first two did. I don't know if I got better at marriage or just tired. [...]


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by C. Suzanne Bates Nothing jazzes us up like women doing what they damn well please. When we discovered “Women On Wheels® we got all goose bumpy—this was a group of women we had to know more about. Little did we know the impact this group was having on so many people, and at so [...]


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by Margaret Hill, published 3/11/2014 That's not my age, it's just not trueMy heart is young, the time just flewI'm staring at this strange old faceand someone else is in my place!My body's not in disrepairI've not much grey in my brown hairI sometimes feel a little tiredBut go for jogs when I'm inspiredThis age [...]


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  Protecting ourselves against any unpleasantry is human nature.  Defending ourselves against physical harm and loss of life is a decision, and it is yours.  Do you have the best skills that you can have for your own self defense?  Having once attended a self-defense class that was taught by an ex Navy Seal, I [...]

Carol Liege, Chief Possibility Officer, on ABD SIZZLE Radio

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Carol Liege, Chief Possibility Officer of The Legacy Factory, has been a professional planner for nearly five decades, developing plans for individuals, corporations, nonprofits and government agencies at the local, state and national levels. Now she’s working with Aging But DANGEROUS to help our members make a lasting difference and leave a positive legacy. While [...]

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