How to Get Through the Holiday Season without Gaining Weight

by Ann Fletcher • November 17, 2015 • BA50

Note from the author: I lost 100 lbs which took me a year and a half, and have maintained my weight for the last six months. It is always a struggle for me and I really do use the strategies I […]

Yoga for seniors can help with balance, agility and strength. But injuries do happen.

By Carol Krucoff, August 18, 2014, Washington Post

The elegant, silver-haired woman poked her head tentatively into my classroom as students were setting up their mats and chairs for a “gentle yoga” class. “Is it okay if I just watch?” she asked, then told me she had tried a yoga […]

Dr. Corey Schuler on ABD SIZZLE Radio

Corey Schuler, MS, DC, DCN, LN, CNS, FAAIM is an advocate for integrative medicine with degrees in human nutrition, botanical medicine, research chemistry, and chiropractic medicine, and board-certification in both clinical and holistic nutrition. He is also adjunct assistant professor at the School of Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. He practices integrative […]

Taking Stock of My Metabolism

by Molly Stevens • September 14, 2015 • Better After 50

Last month the American stock market surrendered $2.1 trillion in value over a six-day losing streak. If you are like me, understanding the complexities of a market correction is as baffling as reading a prospectus. People are concerned, fearing […]

Healthy Aging: 10 Tips for Growing Old Gracefully

Huffington Post Article

In the last two decades, people have not only been living longer but they also have been staying much healthier later in life, according to a recently released study. Previously, researchers found that very poor health usually hits people in the […]

How Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Sex Life

By: Roxanne Jones — Better After 50

We all know what happens as we baby boomers start getting a bit older. The television volume gets cranked up. We start watching people’s lips when they talk. We rely on a spouse or companion to “translate” what others are saying. And conversations […]

Gail Simpson on ABD SIZZLE Radio!

Gail Simpson founded the St. Croix Training Center 27 years ago. She works with people to fulfill their goals with horses, whether riding for the pure pleasure of it or with aspirations of national titles. Whatever makes the client happy, makes Gail happy! Her focus is on hunt seat, saddleseat and Western pleasure with the […]


A study from the Columbia University Medical Center was published in the summer of 2013, of Archive of Neurology, outlining certain foods that have been found beneficial for the brain and are effective at warding off Alzheimer ’s disease. The study is based on previous research that has found correlations between certain foods and this […]

Jane Goke on ABD SIZZLE Radio!

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Many seniors are enjoying this sport, and more join the courts each day!

Meet Jane Goke, a local pickleball enthusiast on ABD SIZZLE Radio!

“I started playing Pickleball almost seven years ago. A friend, Nancy, and myself saw a few people playing it […]

CPT Amy Powers on ABD SIZZLE Radio!

My name is Amy Powers. I have been with the Minneapolis Fire Department since August of 1999, promoting to Captain in May of 2006. I graduated from Hamline University in Saint Paul, MN in 1992 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Before applying for the Fire Department I had no previous training to become a […]