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Wikoskalaka Yuwita Pi – Lakota Gathering of Young Women

1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.

2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy – and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray […]

20# Club Inspiration

What play are you in?

ABD 20# Club


My 2 Cent’s Worth!

I’m fighting my Dr. –   she says I should grow old gracefully and I say “NO! NO”!!

I want to jump out of an airplane with my 8 yr old granddaughter when she is 18 and I’ll be 86!

Is that aging gracefully????  I DON’T THINK SO!!!

That’s my 2 cents worth!    


Are you a member of the “Perpetually Wet Crotch Club”? One Woman’s Story

As you can imagine, with a book titled DON’T PEE ON MY SOFA AND OTHER THINGS TO LAUGH ABOUT,  C Suzanne Bates is continually doing radio interviews.  During one of these, she referenced that 12% of women over 50 experience urinary incontinence of some form and framed “The Perpetually Wet Crotch Club”.  

20# Club Inspiration – Even Oprah says The Time is Now!

ABD 20# Club January is the biggest month for women to make a commitment to their physical health!  We, at Aging But DANGEROUS, support this effort as we want healthy, vibrant women enjoying all that life has to offer!!

Many of us have been down this road before.  We […]

My 2 Cent’s Worth!!!

AGING SUCKS!!!  I heard someone say that the other day and I thought “No, aging does not suck”!  Aging sucks if you can’t walk or you have some horrible decease or you can’t breathe!

Aging may not always be pretty but it CERTAINLY does not suck!!   As a matter of fact, if everything goes alright and […]

Can You Relate??

The Holiday are over – I look in the mirror and what to my wondering eyes appears–YIKES!!

Did this happen to you?

Join The 20# Club for health and fitness tips and strategies.

Get Ready For The New Year with The 20# Club

Senior-Woman-Yoga-230x300  fit-for-life-ch  375974de8eed11e058cbec7212bfbe1c

Aging But DANGEROUS has a strong commitment to healthy and fit women over 50 years of age.  The 20# Club is designed to be a platform where we can share the latest […]

How to Get Through the Holiday Season without Gaining Weight

by Ann Fletcher • November 17, 2015 • BA50

Note from the author: I lost 100 lbs which took me a year and a half, and have maintained my weight for the last six months. It is always a struggle for me and I really do use the strategies I […]

Yoga for seniors can help with balance, agility and strength. But injuries do happen.

By Carol Krucoff, August 18, 2014, Washington Post

The elegant, silver-haired woman poked her head tentatively into my classroom as students were setting up their mats and chairs for a “gentle yoga” class. “Is it okay if I just watch?” she asked, then told me she had tried a yoga […]