Hey Fido…Come, Sit and Stay for the News…You’re a Trust Beneficiary!

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Many of us consider our pets to be part of our family.  This means we worry about who will care for them in the event of our deaths, but more importantly, how do we make sure there’s enough money set aside for this purpose?  Minnesota, last but not least, has finally joined the ranks of [...]

What a way to start the day!! Embrace your age!

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I know many that have been denied the privilege of growing old - how about you?

When I grew up electromagnetic fields had to do with magnets!!

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What have you found as the best sources of information on directing your thoughts and feelings wisely?  We would love to share resources.

I Am Not Afraid – I am still learning thus the “stupid stuff!

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Sometimes I wonder about myself....what about you?

Dangerous Women Know This!

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They also know how to use power carefully!

This sounds very attractive to me – what about you?

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So glad I learned about this VITAMIN!!

ABD Inspiration – Does this speak to YOU?

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Please Share and invite your friends to comment.

ABD Inspiration – Are you prepared?

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It always amazes me how we can be a blessing in someone else's life - often totally unaware that you were!!  Has this every happened to you?  Tell us about it....

25 Magnificent Libraries – Which one do you pick and Why?

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Libraries have long stood as the greatest symbol of our intellectual development. Many have been built on a grand scale, their creators sparing no expense. Despite the passage of time, some of these great public buildings still have the power to astound. In fact, there are very few modern libraries which have the ability to match these older ’temples of knowledge’. Here are 25 of the most surprising, [...]

I am breathing – are you??

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Wisdom helps us to know we are divinely perfect!!

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