The St. Joseph Worker Program: Women as Social Justice Leaders – One Woman’s Insight

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Below is an excerpt from a speech given at the 2015 A Taste of Thanksgiving event, which benefits the St. Joseph Worker Program. For more information, please visit My name is Jacqueline Salas, and in 2014-15, I worked in the Sisters of St. Joseph Justice Office in St. Paul. I entered college with a [...]

What is Your Legacy with Carol Liege on ABD SIZZLE

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Carol is a strategist with a passion for helping people accomplish world-changing goals, no matter how large or small their world may be. She has worked with the White House, Fortune 100 companies, many associations as well as start-up solopreneurs and retirees who want to make a difference. She has been on the cutting edge of major social [...]

Feeling The Tingle Of Midlife Restlessness??

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Recalling Who You Are: Feeling The Tingle Of Midlife Restlessness By Blog and Photos by Gail Gates "What would you be glad you did--even if you failed?" --Brene Brown Have you ever discovered something about yourself while unintentionally eavesdropping?  Or, in the wisdom of cosmic timing, is it an accident to receive what is needed [...]

What is coming your way this week? Here are some tips!

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Check these strategies out compliments of Sandy East and Tiny Budha!

A Tibetan Proverb worth following…

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I am working on the walking and the laughing - how about you!

I am ready – where is the party!!

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We just love Iris Apfel!!  Such spirit....

Aging But DANGEROUS Women Know How To Do This!

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Manufacturer the brooms! Teach the classes! Organize the Tours! Have FUN!

Take good care of you first!! Here is a checklist…

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This is a great checklist to do a "check in" with!  Let us know how you are doing. Wellness_Assessment

What is your plan for the week?

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I like Wednesdays, how about you?

Sometimes I need to work on this – how about you?

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Great advice for the weekend!

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