Dawn Stebbing on ABD SIZZLE Radio!

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Dawn Stebbing spent a lifetime honing her skills in hair, skin care, make-up, and ward-robe. Now Dawn shares her knowledge with others. Dawn had already cracked the “glass ceiling” with a life devoted to the fashion and beauty industries, having worked and trained with the likes of AVEDA, Horst Salons and Arbonne where she rose [...]

The Curious History of Women Who ‘Passed’ As Men In Pursuit of a Dream

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Written by Marlo Thomas, award-winning actress, author and activist Of the many things I can't imagine myself doing -- like jumping out of an airplane -- I'd have to say that posing as a man would be pretty difficult for me. And who'd believe it? I'd make such a tiny little guy. Before Dustin Hoffman [...]

Bringing visions to life – the ABD Way

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There are 2 schools of thought about visualizing something you want very badly in your life. One is, if you conjure up too grandiose a picture of what you would like to see happen in your life, you are sure to be disappointed. The official Aging But DANGEROUS philosophy is if you put your most [...]


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EASY ON THE EYES!  During allergy season the temptation to rub your eyes is excruciating—DON’T.  A plastic surgeon told me once—(the same one that “did” my eyes)—“rubbing your eyes will create wrinkles and bags faster than anything else”.  When women cry they should BLOT the tears.  When your eyes itch so badly that clawing them [...]


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Bigger is better when it comes to mirrors and faces.  Magnification helps you deal with issues created by applying make-up that regular mirrors won't even notice .  If "challenges" are taken care of in "the bigger picture" , the overall outcome improves greatly.I  Yes, at first it is terrifying to look at those Jurassic features looking back at you, Spielberg himself [...]

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