Take good care of you first!! Here is a checklist…

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This is a great checklist to do a "check in" with!  Let us know how you are doing. Wellness_Assessment

When I grew up electromagnetic fields had to do with magnets!!

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What have you found as the best sources of information on directing your thoughts and feelings wisely?  We would love to share resources.

Scary Thought!

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Joke as we will, I sometimes wonder about all the crazy thoughts that parade through my mind?  It can be exhausting just to stay on track some days.  I find regular meditation is helpful in settling all the "chatter" - what techniques do you use?

“Am I Losing It?” Memory Expert, Cindy Keith, on ABD SIZZLE

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Cindy Keith will be our guest on Saturday, May 7th at 9:30 AM on KLBB 1220 AM.  Listen live or through streaming by clicking here. As a LPN, Cindy Keith  served as nurse and office manager in a geriatric medical practice and assisted in setting up a comprehensive geriatric assessment center. While pursuing her RN, BS degree at Penn [...]

Thursday Night Blues

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I have the perfect robe and socks!  Those Oreo's just keep showing up!

Monday Morning Inspiration

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I have given up on drama - Life is much simpler!!

ABD Inspiration

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Are you building a wall or a bridge?

I wonder how long it last??

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I am off to the store - if I can remember what I am going for??

ABD Inspiration – A BIG HUG to YOU! Please pass it on to all you know!

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Remember 4 hugs a day to maintain - 8 hugs a day to thrive!!  Make your plan to gather lots of hugs!

Who Do You Know? Looking for great comments!

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Is this your goal?  Feels pretty DANGEROUS to me!!

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