The St. Joseph Worker Program: Women as Social Justice Leaders – One Woman’s Insight

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Below is an excerpt from a speech given at the 2015 A Taste of Thanksgiving event, which benefits the St. Joseph Worker Program. For more information, please visit My name is Jacqueline Salas, and in 2014-15, I worked in the Sisters of St. Joseph Justice Office in St. Paul. I entered college with a [...]

A Tibetan Proverb worth following…

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I am working on the walking and the laughing - how about you!

What a way to start the day!! Embrace your age!

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I know many that have been denied the privilege of growing old - how about you?

Take good care of you first!! Here is a checklist…

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This is a great checklist to do a "check in" with!  Let us know how you are doing. Wellness_Assessment

This sounds very attractive to me – what about you?

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So glad I learned about this VITAMIN!!

ABD Inspiration – Does this speak to YOU?

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Please Share and invite your friends to comment.

ABD Inspiration – Are you prepared?

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It always amazes me how we can be a blessing in someone else's life - often totally unaware that you were!!  Has this every happened to you?  Tell us about it....

25 Magnificent Libraries – Which one do you pick and Why?

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Libraries have long stood as the greatest symbol of our intellectual development. Many have been built on a grand scale, their creators sparing no expense. Despite the passage of time, some of these great public buildings still have the power to astound. In fact, there are very few modern libraries which have the ability to match these older ’temples of knowledge’. Here are 25 of the most surprising, [...]

How was your week?

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Mine was filled with DANGEROUS moments!

Where are You celebrated?

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Tolerated - no way!!  I like being celebrated.

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