25 Strangest New Year’s Traditions From Around The World

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POSTED BY DAVID PEGG ON DECEMBER 31, 2013 HTTP://LIST25.COM/ When it comes to celebrating the New Year it seems that everyone has their own peculiar way of doing things. Some people throw bread, others burn scarecrows, and still others fist fight for good luck. These are the 25 strangest New Year’s traditions from around the [...]

What You Need For Holiday Travel

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by Sara Cornell • December 12, 2014 betterafter50.com Everywhere I look these days it’s all about the basic essentials: 5 Must Have Pieces for Your Island Get-Away; What To Pack For Your Holiday Vacation; Editors Picks For The Perfect Rendezvous… I’m guilty of it myself…just see last week’s piece, and probably the previous week’s piece [...]

Cheri Rohlfing takes ABD SIZZLE Radio Flying

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Cheri first became interested in aviation while taking Aerospace Science class her junior year in high school.  She started flight lessons at the age of 17, became a flight instructor while attending Minnesota State University Mankato and started her first airline job shortly after graduation.  She has worked as a corporate pilot and an aviation [...]

Chef Larry Brings New Flavors to ABD SIZZLE Radio

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Flavoring the World One Pot At A Time™ is the theme of Chef Larry Fournilllier's Caribbean Cooking.  Early on in the interview, it was obvious, Chef Larry is very engaging, easy-going and has a burning passion for cooking.  With great skill, he introduced us to a number of interesting spice combinations - some Caribbean - [...]


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Are you are cold and sick of our weather?  Most of us will respond with a resounding YES!!!  Then schedule yourself, right now, to join other Aging But DANGEROUS women for a Riviera Maya, Mexico warm weather ( !!!! ) escape. With a departure date of Feb 25, (returning on March 4th) , you will spend [...]


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Traveling with lighter luggage means less lugging! ARTICLE BY: Merle Minda, Travel Writer ©2011 Merle Minda A few years ago, lugging a heavy bag along what turned out to be an interminable rail station platform with numerous tunnels and steps, I made a sort of Scarlett O’Hara-type pledge (remember, “I’ll never be hungry again,” she [...]

Partake of the Heavenly Passion – Come Skydive

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When the weather cooperates with great energy and purpose one can conjure up a perfect day.  The Aging But DANGEROUS Martini Jump Skydive IV sets the stage for many heartwarming elements to converge and create a day, that those attending, will not soon forget. Motives for even wanting to bail out of a moving airplane vary: from [...]

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