Crazy Grass-Covered Car

A lot of people I know have contracted some kind of “cheap fever,” including me.
It’s symptoms include measuring events by how much money you have relinquished to participate in them, (your ROF-Return On Fun), strategizing how to milk the most out of the bucks we are forced to let go of and squeezing every last drop out of the money we have already spent.  It’s a sign of our times, or our age, or both.

Here are several dirty little tid-bits I have utilized lately to feel good about being the parsimonious human being to which I aspire:

Now that we are embarking upon planting season, I know how my trip to the local nursery can stir up my inherent, addictive, characteristics.  To O. D. on the perennials, or those beautiful color washed trays of annuals or even all those spiffy tools that I am sure will make my gardening life MUCH easier, would feel so good at the time, but would shortly create remorse and possibly the inability to buy food.

• My inquiries went out early this year to all my gardener friends that I was in the market for any of the remnants they might have after thinning their thick luscious beds.  It worked—I now have a variety of perennial species ready to enhance my garden—free! Offering to help with the horticultural endeavors that benefit me is a nice gesture; I always hope they don’t accept, as I have enough to do in my own yard.
• Splitting some of my own plants was also helpful monetarily; I think my plants liked the newly acquired freedom as well.
• Many places have great sales on annuals, just be cognizant of where those sales are occurring and when.  Most years I show up the day after the sale ends.
• Lettuce and spinach are great early spring plants and it is fun for those of us that are not accustom to growing our own food to be able to harvest something right out of the yard.  I planted seeds from a variety pack in some of my containers and they actually grew.  One salad is better than none.
• As for new tools, I have two new little jewels that I am sure I will happily enjoy for the rest of my life—I can’t be perfect.

Living in Kansas City has me digging the dirt out from under my fingernails early in the spring—we actually have “spring” here—it’s great!  The links below will bring you wisdom no matter what your level of experience.

My favorite time of year is upon us–now we can all get “down and dirty”!

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