Playwear & Swimwear in the Fashion Spot Light on ABD SIZZLE!


Joan Staveley was an award-winning 3D computer animator who had a very happy 24 year career. Her fine art animations won many national and international awards. In commercial animation production she landed the Mattel Barbie account for a small animation studio, Windlight Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and directed, choreographed and animated many Mattel Barbie commercials in the 1990's. Windlight Studios was [...]

Adamia’s Kevin Menzel on ABD SIZZLE


  Kevin is the Managing Director and COO of Focus Consumer Health based in Chattanooga, TN.   He has worked in the pharmaceutical and consumer health care industry for the last 17 years with Sanofi pharmaceuticals and most recently Chattem Inc.   Focus Consumer Health is finding small brands which meet an important need and making them [...]

Danielle Radulovich-Nelson brings a new twist on saying goodbye on ABD SIZZLE


Danielle Radulovich-Nelson is co-owner of Kozlak-Radulovich Funeral Chapels in NE Minneapolis, Blaine and Maple Grove. As a funeral director for 13 years in the longtime family business, Radulovich-Nelson has embraced an evolution in funeral services today, helping those who grieve remember loved ones in a deeply personal or creative way. She's passionate about offering ideas [...]

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