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For many of us when we take a course on creating our ideal life, we identify very tangible results we are seeking like houses, fabulous incomes, cars, boats, etc.  As you know, CEO Jean Ketcham did this with the course we offer at Unlimited Futures.  What we have experienced is that while these tangible items were important, there were some other items that were more important.  For our participants, this happened as they worked the program eliminating some of the stress in their lives becoming clearer and clearer.  Our participants discovered what they really wanted were more intangible things.

They discovered what was even more important than the material things were how they felt inside.  They really wanted to feel peaceful, energetic, confident, safe, secure, in charge, joyous, happy, loving and loved.  Are these things you want in your life?

These intangible things are contained in the definition of being self-actualized.  It is what evolution is all about.  It is what we are all growing into intentionally or unintentionally. Doing so will bring about the biggest transformation the world has ever seen.  We are all a part of it.  Now is the time that many of us will become self-actualized.

What does it mean to be self-actualized?    

Maslow said self-actualized people are able to fulfill all their needs and desires right within themselves. That means they have to know themselves.  They have to be aware that they are much more than a separate entity struggling alone in a big world. This idea of being alone is only a false belief that we have all bought into.

Unlimited Futures’ purpose is to help people move into self-actualization. Our mission is to help you discover who you are, how you function, your purpose and how to accomplish it.

When you discover who you are, you become aware that you are not separate from everyone and everything in existence.  When you discover how you function, you become aware of how your thoughts and attention actually moves and forms energy into whatever you experience.  And when you discover your purpose and how to fulfill it, you become aware that you have a role in the expression of the wholeness of life and that you are not separate from it, but you too are a part of this larger body.  This awakening or development brings you into self-actualization.

At this point we know ourselves as the “wholeness” and we are no longer alone.  We are fully aware we are not separate from    anyone of anything.   Therefore, all of existence is within us so there can be nothing outside of us.  And, of course, every part of us responds to our needs and desires.  

This is how self-actualized people fulfill all their needs and desires right within themselves.

When we become self-actualized we are freed from what Buddha has called the human condition of suffering.

When we become self-actualized our life just flows.  Our needs and desires are actually fulfilled quite automatically.  It doesn’t mean we won’t have any more challenges.  We will, but that is what keeps things interesting.

Where are you on the journey to Self-Actualization?  I welcome hearing from you and invite you to visit  and learn about the programs and services we offer.  

Love and Blessings,

Bobbie Stevens


Unlimited Futures


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