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Warning – Adult Information!

At a recent event focused on urinary issues an ever increasing number of women 50 and older are experiencing.   We were introduced to a wealth of information from the latest procedures, the reality that many women never speak of these issues and marketplace resources currently available.

While co-founder C Suzanne Bates recently suggested many of us were at the Shrine of the Damp Crotch in an interview on our new book, DON’T PEE ON MY SOFA! AND OTHER THINGS TO LAUGH ABOUTit seems few of us talk about leakage during sex.  We discovered it is a very common problem and there is a great resource through our sponsor – Smitten Kitten!


This is a fabulous throw that protects your bedding/furniture/whatever while at the same time is luxurious.  Our good friend, Faye, agreed to model it for us at a recent event at Smitten Kitten.   Isn’t she cute!  It gave us an opportunity to see how large it is, how it was actually constructed and how scrumptious it was against our skin.  With a little attitude, you could be quite DANGEROUS with this!  Click Here to learn more about this throw as well as how to order your own throw!

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