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National and regional companies with a desire to promote their products and/or services to women interested in healthy aging and living life dangerously through spirit, style and fun are invited to leverage the Aging But Dangerous platforms to build and expand their business.


About Business Members

Aging But Dangerous Member Program

Leverage the extensive following of Aging But Dangerous to increase your sales and brand awareness.  Considered by many to be an Influencer,  we are continually approached to feature products, books and services targeted to our demographic.  Both our membership and Facebook numbers are continually growing.  Take advantage of this opportunity for your business!

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If you want women to associate your brand with positive, self-actualizing, empowered, active, intelligent women, you want to associate your brand with Aging But DANGEROUS.  Since 2007 the little seed we planted has grown into a big tree with many branches reaching out to this population.  Our image as a fun, self-actualizing, empowering organization has also grown. We have been featured in two of TIME magazine’s special issues: The Healthist Places To Live – Lessons From The Top Spots For Fitness, Nutrition and Aging Well (2014) and Secrets Of Living Longer (2015).  We create festive events, fascinating travel opportunities, adventure experiences like skydiving, and an upbeat, inspiring content for woman no one else talks about.


Sponsor benefits are individually negotiated and customized.

Aging But DANGEROUS is very generous with publicity and visibility for our sponsors. We display your logo on our website, talk about your products and services in our Facebook and Blog posts, and promote them where ever possible. We’re happy to invite your representatives to any events we create, and are open to cosponsoring events that add to your publicity, prestige, or connection to our followers as well as our own.

For more information about Aging But DANGEROUS sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please email us at or call  612-670-1427.