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Hello ABD travelers and “would be travelers”,

We are now living in uncertain and challenging times. As you all know, the Covid19 pandemic has worldwide implications. At this time, and for the foreseeable future, we doubt anyone will be traveling anywhere unless it is necessary.  For that reason, we are suspending the Aging But Dangerous travel program. 

Our travel partners will be watching developments around the globe and will be keeping the health and safety of their potential travelers in the forefront of their business plans. When travel becomes safe again, we can reconnect with them.

While we wait out the pandemic and do our individual best to stay safe and protect each other, we can relive the fun and educational travel experiences we have had in the past and look forward to those that await us in the future. I still have trips to Croatia and other Adriatic countries and a visit to Egypt on my wish list. When possible, there is also the Fall Foliage tour of the Northeast and a trip by train or coach through the Canadian Rockies.  If you want to dream along with me, visit our travel partners, just to get great ideas for future travel. And if you see something you can’t resist, use the ABD booking number to reserve your spot.

For small group tours: Overseas Adventure Travel:

            ABD Booking # 28160

For river and other small boat cruises: Grand Circle Travel:

            ABD Booking # 28160

For North American travel: GO Ahead Tours:

            ABD booking #70308423

For now, stay safe and cherish the relationships that get you through these perilous times.


Blessings on you all,

Lynne Hardey

Aging but Dangerous

Travel Coordinator