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There are 2 schools of thought about visualizing something you want very badly in your life. One is, if you conjure up too grandiose a picture of what you would like to see happen in your life, you are sure to be disappointed. The official Aging But DANGEROUS philosophy is if you put your most magnificent vision into the universe, and it comes from a place of passion and faith, it will happen exactly as your mind has seen it, or even better. Opening yourself up to accept magnificence is an essential part of this entire ABD drill. Add a little hard work to that formula and it is failsafe.

On April 22, 2010 our most extreme vision became reality. Right before our eyes, over 500 women, (and a few men), engaged in an evening of pure joy and energy—it was magical for all. From the moment we stepped through the door into our Haitian village decor, until the last candle was extinguished and we headed home, we witnessed the universe as a positive force in humanity.  Especially when the Aging But DANGEROUS, (Kick-ass) Modeling Squad stepped onto the runway,  the audience engaged and somehow we all became one.  Dispelling The Myths of Age & Fashion, touched many–some profoundly. One of our ABD community said she couldn’t stop smiling when she left the event. She said, “I left the show knowing that I could still look and feel sexy, even at my age. You have given me an entirely new perspective of how I should be looking at myself”.

Many who came by themselves felt the palpable camaraderie in the room and established new friendships with former strangers; others brought old friends and commented, “we haven’t had so much fun in years”.

Let your hair down and feel life was our consistent message.

Our magical evening is now a beautiful memory for all who attended. Our vision became reality because we TRULY believed it would happen—and it did—we have 500 witnesses.

As we reminisce about our first Dispelling the Myths of Age & Fashion we visualize our upcoming “fashion” SWARM on April 30.  It too will have its own personality and rewards.  Each time Aging But DANGEROUS women gather, and collaborate, there is a special synergy that fills my soul and feeds my passions.  JOIN US!!

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