"She's driving me crazy!" - Aging But DANGEROUS!

I wanted a puppy SO bad!  Everyone told me how much time they took and how they are just like a baby – remember those days??  Well – I really chose to ignore this because I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to – how hard could it be to train a puppy???  If my husband and I cannot train a new little puppy then there is something wrong in the world!

WELL-WELL-WELL!!!! We got this precious little “Teddy Bear” puppy and she is driving us nuts!!  Jumping on furniture, chewing on wires and barking and crying all night!

Not only was she expensive to buy but now we have to hire a personal trainer to train her! (I want a personal trainer not one for the dog)!!  We have only had her 10 days just think what it would be like in a month – can’t do it!!  So there goes the $$$!

Mike says, “Can we take her back?” and, of course, we cannot take her back!  She is so adorable and when she is nice she is SO sweet!  She weighs 3 1/2 lbs and cute as a button!!

Wish us luck!!

Jean Ketcham, CEO

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