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I am Dr. Bobbie Stevens and I am co-founder and CEO of Unlimited Futures, which is an organization that provides programs in the development of human potential.  We have some great examples of clients creating life partners, ideal jobs, dream homes and just about anything else they decided they wanted! Aging But DANGEROUS CEO, Jean [...]

So You Want Your Child to Have the Family Home…

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It seems to be a common theme.  Adult child lives with parent.  Maybe this is for financial reasons, or perhaps the child is acting as caretaker.  Parent wants child to have the home at the time of the parent’s death.  If the proper planning isn’t done, however, it’s very unlikely that the transition of the [...]

Yours…Mine…and Ours – Tips on Successful Estate Planning with Blended Families

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If you’re remarried, you may face some interesting planning considerations when it comes to completing your estate plan.  The planning for blended families can be quite different from the planning you did in your first marriage as there is now yours, mine and ours.  The key to successful planning is open communication and a full [...]

Spring Planting – Legacy Tips from our good friend, Karen Schlotthauer

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Spring: Let’s Plant & Cultivate Our Legacy I’ve never been accused of being a green thumb, but it seems to me that planting a flower garden involves certain steps that are analogous to charitable planning.  First, you gather the best soil.  After that you should probably scout out the right location, decide on your flowers [...]

WomenVenture Expert Elaine Wyatt Brings Business Tips to ABD SIZZLE

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  Elaine Wyatt will be our guest on Saturday, March 26th at 9:30 AM on KLBB 1220 AM.  Listen live or through streaming by clicking here. Elaine Wyatt, Executive Director of WomenVenture is dedicated to the advancement of women and girls. She has a passion for helping women attain prosperity and build wealth through the creation and [...]

Grandma’s “Simple” Will – A Great Story!!

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Grandma, bless her soul, was a generous lady.  She wanted to name each grandchild in her will so that they would know how special each of them was to her.  So, one day she decides to create her will with an on-line program.  Keeping things simple, her will stated: *  All tangible personal property to [...]

Love Is In The February Air

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February…the month of love.  It got me thinking about marriage.  So I hopped onto Urban Dictionary* to see how others define it.  Among the traditional definitions, I found a few gems.  One said marriage is “the number one cause of divorce”.  Another one states marriage is “the most successful wealth transfer scheme ever invented”.  Funny [...]

Great Meetup with The Stonebridge Group on “Retire Wisely”

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Aging But DANGEROUS women are savvy about retirement and leverage trusted resource providers.  This past week, representatives of The StoneBridge Group of Thrivent Financial provided great information on the latest strategies we might consider. Jennifer Cords and Christopher Sipe provided an information packed evening with our members having their questions answered.   "Very good, useful [...]

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