Shared living keeps us healthy says Roxanne Cornell

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Even though you’re busy with friends and interests, it can still feel lonely coming home to an empty house. Vibrante Living has created a personalized approach to giving independent women age 55+ the companionship they crave.  Life is good! Your kids are grown and have families of their own. You have reached that time in life [...]

Don’t Be Caught Dead in that Ugly Dress! (And 4 Other Good Reasons to Preplan)

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You’ve always said you wouldn’t be caught dead in that hideous dress. You know the one—that floral, Pepto-Bismol pink monstrosity your cousin gave you for your birthday. Of course, you didn’t want to hurt her feelings. So instead of returning it to the store, you crammed that gruesome garb into the back of your closet, [...]

WomenVenture Expert Elaine Wyatt Brings Business Tips to ABD SIZZLE

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  Elaine Wyatt will be our guest on Saturday, March 26th at 9:30 AM on KLBB 1220 AM.  Listen live or through streaming by clicking here. Elaine Wyatt, Executive Director of WomenVenture is dedicated to the advancement of women and girls. She has a passion for helping women attain prosperity and build wealth through the creation and [...]

Great Meetup with The Stonebridge Group on “Retire Wisely”

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Aging But DANGEROUS women are savvy about retirement and leverage trusted resource providers.  This past week, representatives of The StoneBridge Group of Thrivent Financial provided great information on the latest strategies we might consider. Jennifer Cords and Christopher Sipe provided an information packed evening with our members having their questions answered.   "Very good, useful [...]

20# Club Inspiration – Even Oprah says The Time is Now!

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 January is the biggest month for women to make a commitment to their physical health!  We, at Aging But DANGEROUS, support this effort as we want healthy, vibrant women enjoying all that life has to offer!! Many of us have been down this road before.  We know that extra weight around the middle is often [...]

Tune In to ABD SIZZLE Radio Saturday Morning and Learn About Retiring Wisely!

2017-09-11T16:59:06+00:00Aging, Finance, Life and Work, Money|

This week's program features JJ Johnson of The STONEBRIDGE GROUP of Thrivent Financial.  Mr.  Johnson brings a wealth of wisdom, experience and credentials to the program on the subject of how to RETIRE WISELY.  We are excited to learn what "gems" he will share with us as we travel through this financial maze.   Live [...]

Let’s Get Charitable in the New Year!

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Are you required to take minimum distributions from your IRA but you don’t want or need the additional taxable income? Are you charitably inclined? On a temporary basis since 2006, IRA owners have had the ability to exclude up to $100,000 from gross income for distributions paid directly from their IRAs to a qualified charity.  [...]

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