Sexual Medicine Defined!! For both Women and Men

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Dr. Kristin Christian is a sexual medicine physician at the Park Nicollet Creekside Clinic. What exactly is sexual medicine? Most people are surprised to learn there is a medical specialty that specifically focuses on sexual health – diagnosing, assessing and treating concerns that relate to sexuality. Sexual medicine promotes the health of adult women and [...]

Co-Founder C Suzanne Bates Featured in Article Regarding Love Later in Life

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When Gretchen Messenger and David Wick speak around the Twin Cities, they offer helpful information to family caregivers on the many challenges of aging, tackling protocols to minimize abuse, housing options and estate planning. But the co-founders of the Twin Cities nonprofit Who’s Watching Mom? don’t stop there. One of their seminars is proving particularly [...]

When Our Naughty Bits Need Attention: The Anticipation Of An Aging But DANGEROUS Couple’s Night Event At The Smitten Kitten

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When Our Naughty Bits Need Attention: The Anticipation Of An Aging But DANGEROUS Couple’s Night Event At The Smitten Kitten                                                                         [...]

A Solution to a Problem You Probably Aren’t Talking About – a Little DANGEROUS!

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Warning - Adult Information! At a recent event focused on urinary issues an ever increasing number of women 50 and older are experiencing.   We were introduced to a wealth of information from the latest procedures, the reality that many women never speak of these issues and marketplace resources currently available. While co-founder C Suzanne [...]

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