Well – I do get forgetful – but that’s not all bad is it??  Like I have to go to the bathroom and I will have something in my hand and I will leave it in there – look all around the house for it and it is ALWAYS in the bathroom!

Then, everyone does this don’t they???  My glasses were on my face and I was “tearing” the place up looking for them!  The embarrassing thing was that I was with another person and I felt like an idiot!

I’ve always gotten lost – when I was 21, I was driving to Topeka, KS from Manhattan, KS and ended up on an Indian Reservation in Nebraska!!  Don’t ask me how I did that!

But this incident that happened 2 days ago really got my attention!!  I was in a meeting with 6 other people and when I got ready to leave I could not find my keys!  Everyone looked everywhere for them!  One of the women looked outside and said “I think your car is running”!  I HAD LEFT MY KEYS IN THE CAR FOR 2 HOURS WITH THE CAR RUNNING!!!  Thank goodness I still had a car and enough gas to get home!  If that would have been in a parking garage instead of an open lot, someone could have driven off my cute (old) little BMW convertible and I would still be looking for it!!

This key incident definitely “shook” me up!  But then one of my friends said, “That’s like when I found my cell phone in the freezer inside a baggie”!!  And she is only 58 yrs old.  (Young)

We have to laugh at ourselves but sometimes it just isn’t that funny!!

Jean Ketcham, CEO

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