harleyHarley was more than a dog—he was our friends soul mate. He was an unassuming pooch of mixed breeds and a huge heart.  When an animal touches our lives it is truly a gift—a blessing extraordinaire.   Harley’s life span almost two decades of touching people; he provided world class doggie fixes for all he encountered, his smile and deep dark eyes melted your heart and invaded your soul.

Harley and I became fast friends when I saved his life during a dog sitting stint.  Harley decided that the leather smell inside my former spouses new Jaguar was oh so much finer a place to sleep than that smelly old dog poof on that cold garage floor.  Problem was that the only way to get to that luxurious leather was through the open sun roof and because of his size, many attempts were necessary to scale that shinny British Racing Green hood, —he did his canine best but somehow he kept sliding back to the ground no matter how hard he tried to hold on with those sharp toe nails.  He felt bad for all the white lines he was making in that pristine glossy finish, maybe not really bad, certainly not as bad as my husband.  (In all fairness to Harley we never figured out if Harley was the culprit or if it was his sidekick Davis, but he was definitely a “canine of interest”.)

Thrive  NYC Magazine-Life Begins At Sixty reports that “Researchers around the world have shown a direct correlation between pet ownership and improved health. From increased survival rates after heart attacks and surgery to reducing stress, depression, and anxiety, pet ownership may not just improve mental and physical health, it may actually extend a person’s life.”

What is good for your health is not always what is good for your wallet.  According to the Journal of Business Research a dog owner may spend as much as $15,000 over the life of a dog—maybe a Park Avenue pooch but not Harley—he was a down home Bark Avenue pooch.  Animals are defiantly a line item on your budget, so evaluate a purposed four legged acquisition carefully.

We will miss the Christmas cards where Harley dawned the reindeer antlers, or sat on the sled, or what ever he was asked to do to make the season brighter.  We will cling to the thousands of Harley stories that enriched our lives and made us better people and taught us that you can actually enjoy picking up poop.  Enjoy chasing that big stick in the sky for eternity Harley—you deserve it.

P.S.  The beautiful young woman in the photo that is sitting beside Harley is Jean’s daughter–Michelle.

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