chickenSummer means State Fair time and that means the exotic chickens, (with better hair-dos than we have), will be strutting around looking gorgeous.  One of the highlights of the stinky, dirty, hot fair is the much anticipated viewing of  these Hedda Hopper look-alikes.

“How is this dangerous?” you ask, (feeling cock sure that you have us on this one).  “How is a beautiful Paduan, or Sultan or Crevecoeur chicken dangerous?”  Because more and more people are making pets out of these magnificent creatures.  Chickens in the house, that sounds plenty dangerous to us.

When I was in grade school my sister and I got chickens for Easter one year.  Very quickly they were transported to my grandparent’s farm where they turned from little yellow pooping fur balls into magnificent large red hens (still pooping randomly however).  For some bizzare reason (I am sure it was my sisters idea),we named them all Wilber and found that if we moved very quickly we could nab a Wilber and carry it around, kind of like a dog.  No tricks however. 

One by one the Wilbers began to disappear.  Years later I wondered if there was any correlation between vanishing Wilbers and the chicken dinners that accompanied our visits.  Should I have suspected fowl play?

If you visit www.urbanchicken.org you will be amazed at the information and options offered to the urban chicken owner.  They are smart, they can be real characters and they lay eggs—sounds like a good companion to us.  The pooping thing is our only concern.

At AgingButDangerous we encourage women to step out of the norm and push themselves to be a little off  the wall, go a little crazy, think outside the coup.  So if you have ever had any desire to form a closer bound with a fowl that is all decked out for the Kentucky Derby—don’t be a chicken, own one!

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