dmondHave you ever been referred to as a “gem of a person”, or maybe more appropriately a “diamond in the rough”?   Well maybe you are only a ‘pearl of a girl’ at the present stage of your life but there is hope for your future.  LifeGem, Created Diamonds offers you the option of  becoming a gemstone upon your demise.

They start by capturing the carbon remains from any standard cremation.  You are then put in a crucible, heated up to 3000 degrees centigrade and rendered to graphite by their own special process.   Next is the heat and extreme pressure phase—the longer you cook the bigger your stone.

At the optimal crystallization point the carbon molecules bond together in a pattern found only in a diamond.  Molecularly and visually they are identical to the diamonds that Mother Nature conjures up over thousands of years.  Stones are then graded by a certified gemologist just like the “real” thing.

Pricing is where I got bogged down.  A yellow diamond that is between .90 and .99 carats is $13,000.  If I am going to be a diamond I want to be a big honker and that gets expensive.  Should I be relieved that they have a “Family Plan”?  Call me a cynic but with the family plan every one in your clan gets a little piece of you for a reduced price. Why should things change just because you’re dead?

Your pet can also be memorialized to fit on your finger or around your neck—Fido forever….

Whether remembering someone who is special in your life consists of a photo, a special song, or a ‘created stone’, if you want something more memorable (other than fertilizer) done with your remains this may be for you, .  Truly bling to die for.

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