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Many of our local golfers have already discovered how chiropractic care can help you have more fun on the golf course, play without pain and improve your swing and accuracy.

Dr. Ryan Elton, a 20 year veteran chiropractor at The Brost Clinic and himself an avid golfer, has developed a loyal following of golfers who affectionately call him Dr. Golf! His opinion is, that your most important tool on the golf course is your body. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on fancy clubs and lessons and hours practicing on the driving range. If your body isn’t able to flow smoothly, going through a swing and if you are not aligned and balanced, you will not hit as far and accurately.

Your spine is made up of 24 vertebrae, which all have to be aligned and have the joints between them moving smoothly for your golf swing to be as good as possible.
Your hips have to be aligned for stability and balance. The arches of your feet have to be correctly supported and the joints between your top vertebrae of your spine and your scull needs to be aligned for optimal coordination.

There is a reason why most top level professional golfers travel with their personal chiropractor to get adjusted and fine-tuned before each round, to prevent injuries and optimize their game. Most of our readers aren’t in that category of players, but that playing pain free and as good as possible is attainable even if you don’t travel with your own personal chiropractor!

Being in pain is not a pre requisite to come in for an evaluation and discussion about what can be done to improve your game and insure that you can continue enjoying playing for many years. How fun is it to be able to play with grandkids and great grand kids!

By Barbro Brost D.C.          The Brost Clinic