As a personal trainer for over 30 years, I have heard the complaint on a daily basis, “I’m so weak, I have no strength, I have no muscle.”

Deep within all of us is a tremendous untapped source of strength, endurance, and power. It is our muscle!

If you understand muscle and how it works, you can tap into your own fountain of youth. Here are some things you should know about muscle:

  • MUSCLE IS YOUR ACTIVE TISSUE—IT BURNS CALORIES. Even while you are at rest, your muscle will be burning calories. Muscle is your metabolism.
  • AGING IS A LOSS OF MUSCLE TISSUE. We lose 1% or more of our muscle tissue each year starting at about age 35 if we don’t do something to stop it. We can reverse the loss of muscle with weight training.
  • MUSCLE GIVES US OUR SHAPE. If muscle is not used, as when we put a cast on our leg, the muscle gets soft, flat, and weak. A muscle that is used gets toned and shapely.
  • MUSCLE IS MADE FROM PROTEIN. To maintain and create muscle you must feed it complete protein in three or four small feedings each day. Complete protein is chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat, egg whites, soy, rice and beans combined.
  • YOU CAN DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR STRENGTH AT ANY AGE BY TRAINING WITH WEIGHTS. By training only two or three times a week for an hour at a time you can double your strength within a five to eight week period.

So remember, you’ve got the same muscles as the top athletes, you just need to wake them up and use them.

“You’re never done moving forward until you give up – never give up!”

~Judy Beyers

Owner of PowerSource Personal Training and speaker on health and fitness

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