How Beliefs Impact Our Lives - Aging But DANGEROUS!
Welcome to the Unlimited Futures.   I would like to talk about what we believe and how these beliefs impact our lives.  Our beliefs are creating our experiences and how all of us together create world experiences. I believe you are aware that most of our beliefs were programmed into our thinking before we were 6 years old. In our early years we are just soaking up information. What we don’t know is that this information will be running our lives for the rest of our lives unless we stop and question it.
Then, of course, we get additional information from all kind of sources and in most cases we believe most of it is true. We get trapped in a vicious cycle, because our beliefs create our experiences and our experiences validate our beliefs so, of course, we keep believing the same things. This is fine, if your beliefs are creating the life you want for yourself.
However, if that is not the case, it is time to stop and awaken to the realization that “Beliefs are just information that we have accepted as true”. And they are true in our experiences because we create them as a result of our beliefs. But we can change them. We do not have to stay stuck in this same vicious cycle. We can chose to first pay attention to bring some of these beliefs to our conscious awareness. This is the only place where we can change them.
You can look at the things you want to achieve, but haven’t been able to do, and know that you have some belief that is blocking your ability to be successful in that area. Pay attention to what you think and say. These beliefs will come up for you to see, if you are observant. When you become conscious of the belief that is blocking your progress, you can question it. Is it true? How do you know it is true? Remembering that an experience was created by the belief. Where did the belief come from?
Once you can see that the belief you have held is not necessarily true, start thinking about what would be the opposite of this belief. Could that be true? Again remember beliefs are just information that we have accepted as true. What do you want to be true in this case?
There is tremendous power in understanding the role beliefs make in our lives and choosing to let go of the ones that don’t help us create what we want and establishing new beliefs. You can tell if a belief is true by testing it in relationship to nature. Nature is life supporting, always moving us toward greater understanding and accomplishment. Is that the case with this belief?
I hope this has been helpful. Until next time –
Love and Blessings,

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