Earlier this fall, ABD Member/Travel Coordinator, Lynne Hardey, introduced me to a very unique resource she had discovered in her own journey of “living Dangerously through fun, spirit and style”, Harrington Plastic Surgery, a Partner of Aging But Dangerous offers some unique and interesting services Lynne and I knew you would want to know about.  Be sure to stay tuned for coming announcements as we feature these services here.

I am very committed to bringing high quality and useful resources to our members and followers.   I personally like to experience products and/or services that Partners offer before I provide a personal endorsement.  I discovered Dr. Harrington, the clinic founder, had also created  a luxurious, high-end medical spa with amazing products and services called SpaVie.

I decided to experience Alastin which is their skin care system.

I could NOT believe what happened!!

They took a picture of my face before I started with the System.  See the Before Pictures above.  The women I was working with told me to come back in a month and we will take another picture.  Then I would be able to see the difference.

Well, in 3 weeks I went back because I was leaving town and they took the 2nd picture!  I could not believe what I was seeing!!  I honestly was in shock!

Three Weeks Later

The name of the product is Alastin and it is only available from plastic surgeons.  Due to our Partnership,  you can buy it through our website!  Click Here

I am 79 years old and did not think anything could really help me at this age.  I was just accepting my wrinkles and going on with life!  But what a joy when I found out there was something that would work!

 Such a beautiful product.  Your skin feels like silk!!

I am overcome with happiness!!
Jean Ketcham
Aging But Dangerous

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