Jean's 2 Cent's Worth - Aging But DANGEROUS!
How many people are watching my videos on Facebook?? If so, I need feedback! I have to laugh at myself because do you know how hard it is to watch yourself on camera?? Very, very hard!! I can hardly do it! On my last video yesterday – this is what I noticed!!
My head bobs around from side to side and front and back (I had no idea I did that) I can’t seem to keep it still.
My left eye went completely shut at one time – it looked like I was “tipsy”! Good thing I did not have a martini in my hand!
My eye shadow was very smudged and blotchy!
My boobs were hanging down to my waist because I had on an old bra and forgot to put on my good one that lifts “the girls” up to where they should be – right between your shoulder and your elbow.
Other than that I don’t think I looked too bad! But WOW it is really hard to look at yourself!
I try not to do it very often!
We do have to laugh it all away though because all that “stuff” is just not that important!!
That’s my “2 cents” worth!!

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