Kathy Simmons on ABD SIZZLE Radio - Aging But DANGEROUS!

Kathy is owner of Grandpa’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream. She started with an idea and dream 10 years ago and now has a store front, trailer and a staff of 8 to assist in everyday operations. She is solely responsible for all areas of running a small business, from product development, production, hiring/training, payroll, bookkeeping, customer service, marketing, sales, social media, web maintenance.

Kathy has a degree in Social Work from St. Catherine’s and a Masters Degree in Human Development/Psychology from St. Mary’s University. She is now retired from the State of MN as Trainer with 20+ years experience in training, facilitating, and curriculum development/design and counseling,

When not working, Kathy loves to entertain, decorate, spending time with family and friends and volunteer most recently with SCORE.

Grandpa’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream WEB SITE

Learn more about SCORE HERE.

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