My 2 Cent's Worth! - Aging But DANGEROUS!

OK!!!  I COULD NOT HANDLE MY GREY HAIR!!!  Everyone said it was a pretty

color and it looked good on me ‘BLAH-BLAH” but I could not get used to it even

though I am in my 70’s and that is part of aging, right??

It’s funny my wrinkles aren’t  bothering me, I don’t need to do botox or anything like

that BUT my hair I could not accept!  So-o-o-o I had it all bleached out (I am now a

bleached blonde) and I am very, very happy!  That’s one “aging” thing out of the


This we know—it’s not what other people think it is how you feel yourself!!

That’s my “2 cents worth”!

Jean Ketcham

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