My Birthday Wish…


Today is my birthday and I’ve just had a thought

Just for today I’ll like what I’ve got

From morning to night I’ll cut me some slack

And not catalog all the things that I lack


I won’t waste one minute bemoaning my weight

Just for today I won’t say the word “hate”

When I look in the mirror at my cellulite thighs

I won’t blame my ancestors and heave a big sigh


I’ll celebrate their shape, how sturdy and round

And be thankful they keep my rear end off the ground

I won’t wear a big shirt to keep my hips hid

I’ll be happy I had them to carry my kids


When I pull my shirt on, down over my breasts

I won’t focus on how they’ve slid down my chest

I’ll be grateful I have them, my mammogram’s clear

I’ll send some thoughts to some ladies I know have been there


Today when I gaze at my face in the mirror

I’ll cherish each wrinkle that time has put there

The laugh lines are gifts God has given to me

To remind me that life can be so funny


I’ve lines by my eyes from days in the sun

Spent with my children having some fun

Oh, I have some gray hair, but I’ll not pull it out

I’ll leave it right there and just think about


The memories I’ve made and the years yet to come

This body of mine, well, it gets the job done

Just for today I’ll give me a break

I’ll eat what I want, and “Yes! I’ll have cake!”


When they put the candles on and light everyone

I’ll have my wish made before the song has been sung

I know I’m too old to be referred to as “cute”

But today I look good in my birthday suit!


There are so many more things more important in life

I hope I’m remembered as a good mom and a wife

Birthdays come and they go and in the end

I’ll count myself lucky that you were my friend


So help me blow out these candles, there’s more than a few!

Let’s make a wish, just me and you J

ust for today let’s say “Enough is enough!”

Let’s promise ourselves we won’t sweat the small stuff.


Written by: Kala Cota

Shared with permission.