Have you created your New Year’s resolution yet? Do you even bother anymore?

In a January, 2014 Huffington Post article, “Odds of Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution,” we learn that ‘Of the 317 million adults in the US only 1 in 2.2 make a New Year’s resolution. Of these 1 in 8 or 17.8 million will keep it for a year. Don’t lose hope though. It turns out people who make a New Year’s resolution are 10 times more likely to change their lives than those who don’t.’ (1)

So if you are ten times more likely to change something in your life if you DO create a resolution around it, are you now more encouraged to create one? Be honest with yourself. What is your biggest need right now, your most burning desire to change something about yourself?

Casey Guren wrote in Women’s Health Magazine “How Many People REALLY Think They’ll Stick with Their New Year’s Resolution?” (January, 2014): ‘If you half-heartedly swore off sweets/cocktails/Netflix bingeing when the clock struck midnight this year, you’re not alone. Only 12 percent of people are absolutely sure that they’ll keep their New Year’s resolution, according to a recent survey by Red Bull.

‘But here’s why that number needs to be way higher: The top resolution for both men and women was improving their overall health. And that’s actually a really great goal—it’s doable, not too specific, and action-oriented.’ (2)

If your top resolution is to improve your overall health, then good for you! Aging But® makes it even easier for you to achieve that goal. Since success can be easier with accountability and a coach to guide you, our weight-loss, get-healthy program is just the thing to make it happen for you! We already have success stories on weight loss and health issues improving (and being eliminated) due to weight loss. Inflammation causes illness and disease. Reducing inflammation improves your health! Having a program that is fool-proof, easy to follow, complete with fellow club members and a coach to guide you is a sure way to achieve your health goals in 2015.

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(1) Odds of Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

(2) How Many People REALLY Think They’ll Stick with Their New Year’s Resolution

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