Nothing’s Hanging Out? Developing Poseidon’s Daughter Swimwear - Aging But DANGEROUS!

I got the idea for a new style of women’s swimwear while biking to Lake Harriet with my son Sam. He would put on his swim      trunks and a sun shirt, and was ready to go.  He looked well put together and ready for active fun in, on and around the lake. I wanted swimwear like that too!!! In my late 40’s, I felt more self-conscious of my backside showing. THAT FLESH wasn’t something to expose in public. How many times have I watched average-sized, healthy women remove a stylish cover-up to literally rush into the water lest someone see?  I searched online for swimwear that was: 1) Also suitable for other physical activities such as biking; 2) Not too revealing and not overly prudish looking; and 3) Stylish enough to be seen in public without a cover up. All I found on the market was mini-skirts that looked fine on me a decade ago, or a traditional one piece swimsuit for water aerobics or lap swimming. All I wanted was something decent to swim in while playing at the beach with my family and friends. With a dearth of appropriate swimwear on the market, I set about designing swimwear women were comfortable wearing in public.

2013 Goodwill Swimwear-Buying Junket with my Mom to Brainstorm on New Style Possibilities.


The tanks were easy to design and are riffs on retro styles: feminine, classic, beautiful details, more coverage, and great bust support. One of the final tanks called Beauty zips up for easier on/off. Two of the styles look good on gals with tummies and large busts. While designing this line of women’s swimwear the popularity of compression shorts and yoga pants became the rage. I thought the line and length of compression shorts on the leg was flattering, and sometimes too much like a girdle (no!).  Yoga pants are super comfy.  So, I was looking for a combination of compression shorts with yoga pants comfort in designing the swim bottoms.

All good ideas start with research and brainstorming. Through networking I met professionals in the apparel and swimwear industry who mentored me throughout the design and prototyping process. All my years in 3D computer animation paid off when it came to visualizing how to construct styles that would look good on different body types. After many sketches I settled on classic mix-and-match styles because they work best on different body types and are easy to put on.

Early Drawings for Styles 2014


Starting off I had to keep it simple with 4 tops and 3 bottoms designs, fitting average-height women sizes 2-20. I also opted to make premium quality swimwear because large swimwear companies can easily beat a start-up on price with volume.  Once I finalized drawings for 4 tanks and 3 bottoms, I had to find a prototyper/manufacturer, because I don’t sew. Did you know all good things are available in Minnesota?

Poseidon’s Daughter Swim Top Prototypes with Prints










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