Dogs have become the new elixir for good health and longevity.  When I took the “Real Age” test last year it told me one of the few things I was missing to have a fulfilled life and reduce my “real age” even further, was a dog.   I summarily growled.

Then I called my 88 year old Mom, who one year ago got a new puppy, (talk about optimism), and told her I was thinking of getting myself a small dog for Valentines Day.  Normally she is a real buzzkill when it comes to my off the wall schemes, (some call it common sense), but this time she said “Great!”  She had just read an article in the newspaper about the numerous benefits that come from having a dog.  She then excused herself from the phone so she and my 96 year old Dad could try to get his hearing aid away from their precious little pooch.  ($2,000 later they succeeded.)

How can someone who travels a good 5 months out of the year, like me, have a mutually fair relationship with a pet?  My friend, who eats, lives and breathes animal rescue suggested being a foster parent; someone who would keep an animal, in my case a dog, for short periods of time while they were in transition to and from shelters or adoptive homes.

Awesome, I said, that sounds perfect!  Then I explained that I wanted to keep a small dog so I could cuddle up in bed with him at night.  This would for sure extend my life over having a boyfriend to deal with.  She announced without hesitation and a bit annoyed that I was then doomed to be a “foster failure”.  (Overnights with Fido are not recommended, they should sleep in their crate.)  There goes puppy love. . . .

We, at Aging But DANGEROUS.com, think that this idea is a great one!  Help an animal in need while you help yourself.  I am going to give this whole idea a test drive.  Assuming minimal dogmatic interference from my neighbors. . . this could be big.

So as Valentines Day roles around I can truly say that love is in the air.  The thought of someone panting over me sounds great.  Even a few nice wet kisses could be allowed.  Contact your nearest animal shelter or the Animal Humane Society for more details.  Please join me in being doggedly committed and totally bow-wowed by this canine concept!




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