After playing a pioneering role in mainstreaming therapeutic massage over the past 40 years — including 21 years as the official masseuse of the St. Paul Saints — Sister Rosalind Gefre is about to become the unofficial Flying Nun when she parachutes out of an airplane. The legendary masseuse will join the national community of women 50-plus who belong to Aging But Dangerous for the group’s Fifth Annual Martini Skydive at Westside Skydivers in Winsted, Minnesota (3234 230th Street, Winsted, MN., 55395) Saturday, August 16.

“I’m excited to jump!,” says the 84-year-old Catholic nun, who belongs to the order of the Carondelet Sisters of St. Joseph in St. Paul. “I really get along very well with the Aging But Dangerous founders, and I really like their message for women about aging. They’re so alive!” The cost for this life changing experience is $220 with family, friends and supporters free.

The annual Martini Jump (women get a martini when they land) will donate any proceeds to a women’s home for tortured and abused women run by the Carondelet sisters.

“We are looking forward to jumping with this highly influential woman who has helped thousands of people over the years with her massage practice,” adds Bates, who will handle things on the ground. “Rosalind embodies all the characteristics that we strive for as women in Aging But Dangerous: She’s a strong, spiritual woman, very entrepreneurial — and successful — and very dedicated to her order and willing to try new things. We’re lucky to have her join us.”

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