First we must apologize for the lack of content on this post for the past few weeks.  It occurred to me this morning that we should let our readers, who are also our friends, know the reason for this “dry spell”.  For the past three weeks I have been getting progressively sicker and sicker, all which culminated last week in my lack of ability to do almost anything.  When you spend so much time in your PJs that you start accessorizing them, then you are sick!

 Jean has had to carry the efforts for the World’s Largest Colonoscopy Party, while I actually had one, no easy task!  All of our lives get messy sometimes; we need to let each other know when we require help and when we need time to take care of ourselves.  We deserve the best!

 So please bare with us, tell ALL your friends about the colonoscopy party so we can help save their lives. 

Enjoy your dinner tonight and the ability to consume real food, at this point in my recovery that is a luxury I can only dream about.  And by the way, a nice scarf with an old pair of pajamas can really dress them up.

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