Spring Fashion Advice - Aging But DANGEROUS!

Here’s to the mixed goodie bag of Spring weather and the even more motley mixed bag of Spring trends this year. Finally, fashion is less dictatorial and it’s time to have some fun as we shed those heavier layers.

Socrates best advice was ‘know thyself’. As grown women we’ve had time to do just that. Being true to ourselves, and hopefully wiser by the decade, we now understand that quality matters, fit matters and we often make ethical purchases when possible. Fashion is not often a throwaway amusement for the older woman, but it can still be expressive and inspiring.

My best advice is to be comfortable, physically and mentally, in your clothes. If you feel you’re in costume and you weren’t born an extrovert, then something is awry. Polish lies in confidence, not in matching your shoes to your purse! (However, if you prefer to carry that perfectly matched purse then please do.)

This Spring is all about color and there is a wide array on show, from Crayola bright rainbows to ice cream pastels, lavender most predominant. Neutrals, khakis and white remain current too and will not only tone down your pops of bright but lead you well into Fall. Cuts are varied and, if you find yourself attracted to the more experimental ones, wear those in neutral colors. Buy bright and trend colors in simpler cuts, let their vibrancy be the statement. If investment is not on your radar or in your budget, update with a sheer little ankle sock, ruffled t-shirt or fringed bag.

Leisure still reigns so don’t be embarrassed about that windbreaker or sweatshirt tied around your waist, it’s the height of style! Walk faster in your sneakers and hold your head high. It’s also time to find that trench coat hidden in the back of your closet because it’s the single most stylish piece to own this season.

The key to looking contemporary lies in mixing pieces unexpectedly so try your new selvedge dark denim with a slouchy blazer, pair on-point ruffles with a tie-waist, relaxed pant, and wear sequins to the grocery store as well as to the theatre. If that sounds a little too eclectic, be reassured, because another key look this Spring is the white-on-white outfit, topped with that trusted trench coat. Keeping it simple remains a fashionable option amongst the diversity of looks being shown right now. There’s nothing as elegant (and protective in the sunshine) as a longer sleeve and hem in crisp white cotton or stubby linen. One way to keep the monochrome look playful is to highlight textures, work in some sheerness and contrast your fabrics.

Growing old gracefully is an adage we no longer need to adhere to. If you aspire to simple grace then embrace that, but if you want to add minty highlights to your hair, wear ruffles with khakis or sneakers with sequins then know you will be leading the way in this diverse and exciting time.

submitted by Siobhan Ditty, Key North Boutique

Photographed by Jose Moraja,  Spring Summer 2016 ‘Exotic Jeans’ campaign by Desigual.

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