By C. Suzanne Bates, first published April 29, 2014.

Blubber, that is the first word that comes to my mind.  It has begun to surround my mid-section.  Much like hot fudge flows over a large scoop of Hagen Daze ice-cream, (see there I go) it adheres to my body and we become one.  I’m disgusted with myself!  In years gone by I could make a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie last for two meals, now I consume an entire sleeve in one sitting.

A convergence of circumstances has occurred that is most obviously displayed around my middle.  My metabolism has slowed and after years of running my knees begged to retire and I granted them mercy!  My cravings have turned to sugar as their drug of choice and the ‘no thank you’ part of my brain has been destroyed by some sinister plot to fatten me up.

Even more frustrating, Jean has just lost fifteen pounds on her Aging But DANGEROUS 20# Club Diet and smugly watches me tie on the feedbag that has led to my mid-section demise.  She is not hungry, thinner than I have seen her in years and feels fabulous.  Why do I even like this woman, this predicament is SO annoying!

If I sound “hangry” I shouldn’t because I’m well fed, but I’m oh so frustrated.  If Jean’s decreasing waistline wasn’t enough to irritate me, the fact that I actually ripped a zipper out of a pair of leather pants last week when I attempted to bend over after a wonderfully delicious pale of carrot and ginger soup, (there went portion control) has put me over the edge.  I surrender!

TODAY I am joining the 20# club, even if I only need to loose ten pounds.  If Jean and millions of others can do it, I can do it too!  I need support!  I need a plan! I need new tools and I need a healthier body, a new attitude and guidance.  Jean assures me she is deliciously thrilled with all of the above benefits of the 20# Club.

If you want to join me on this scrumptious journey to blubber elimination contact that skinny business partner of mine through our website.  I’m planning on being fed a buffet of healthy behaviors that will be the best spring and summer accessory I could ever invest in.  BON APPETIT!

Join the 20# Club today!

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