"Straight Talk" with Jean Ketcham - Butterfingers - Aging But DANGEROUS!


I do not like candy – nor do I ever eat candy -but I have always loved a Butterfinger candy bar!  I would NEVER, NEVER  let myself have one!  In fact, I don’t think any one of my friends or my husband  or my daughter knows that about me.
The only time I would ever let myself have one would be if I went in to the hospital and I would feel sorry for myself and guiltily get one out of the vending machine.  So I went on this FODMAP diet (it is not to lose weight but because I have some stomach issues) and a Butterfinger candy bar was allowed on it!!  You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!
 You will never believe this in a million years – the apartment building we live in has a vending machine downstairs and, you guessed it, a Butterfinger candy bar is there right in plain sight!
AND the exciting part is that I have one periodically and I HAVE NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT!!!  Not even a pound!
Here we go again, with this “aging thing”!  You sacrifice, you worry, you go without because you don’t want the calories and it’s  not good for you – but all long, in your whole life you could have had a Butterfinger candy bar!  Who knew????
So let’s let go of some of those old ideas and enjoy!  Let’s have a BUTTERFINGER CANDY BAR (or any kind you want) !!!!!!
Enjoy the little things in life!

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