Gardening ON THE CHEAP!

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A lot of people I know have contracted some kind of “cheap fever,” including me. It’s symptoms include measuring events by how much money you have relinquished to participate in them, (your ROF-Return On Fun), strategizing how to milk the most out of the bucks we are forced to let go of and squeezing every [...]


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Tassels are the big, hot accessory trim item for Spring and Summer 2011 The first time I visited New Orleans I saw a woman who had attached tassels to both of her breasts and could make them simultaneously go in opposite directions.  Quite an impressive feat!   Not exactly the same vibe. Tassels for fashion,  (in [...]


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Submitted by: Merle Minda (a renowned writer and member of Aging But DANGEROUS) November 28, 201 Notes from a Moroccan Hammam – At Riad La Maison Arabe in Marrakesh The ancient art of the hammam, a practice of health and wellness descended from Arabs of the 7th century, and later of the Ottoman Turks is [...]