One of the most important things to do, for optimal health, is to drink plenty of water.  Especially during the hot summer.

Water is crucial for all functions in your body.  Our body mass is made up of approximately 70% water and water is invalued in most of the millions of things that happen in our bodies, constantly.

Research indicates that even 2% dehydration can decrease the function of your internal organs.

For example: being chronically dehydrated increase joint and muscle pain, is one of the most common reasons for constipation and worsens depression and ability to focus and concentrate.

Being dehydrated is also one of the reasons for weight gain.  Our thirst and hunger centers in the brain lie very close together and thirst is often experienced as hunger.  Next time you crave a snack, drink a big glass of water instead and save your body from unneeded calories!

It is estimated that we can lose about 1 quart of water from perspiring normally during the night and with each breath when we sleep. We continue to lose fluid through the day especially if we work out or are out in the warm, summer weather.  And of course we all go to the bathroom several times a day and lose fluid when our kidneys flush out waste products.

So how much water should a person drink?  Depending on body size and activity this can vary, but 1 oz.  per pound of body weight divided in two is a good rule of thumb.  So if you weigh 150 pounds about 75 oz. of water/day.

The only way to ensure that we consume enough fluid is to actually keep count!  If we don’t we invariably don’t drink enough. Coffee doesn’t count since it contains caffeine that is dehydrating.  Herbal teas are an alternative, if you prefer to drink something warm.

By Barbaro Brost

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