tot_webbannerBelow is an excerpt from a speech given at the 2015 A Taste of Thanksgiving event, which benefits the St. Joseph Worker Program. For more information, please visit

My name is Jacqueline Salas, and in 2014-15, I worked in the Sisters of St. Joseph Justice Office in St. Paul.

I entered college with a 10-year plan. I was going to major in Chemistry and pursue a doctorate degree in a similar field.

The St. Joseph Worker program changed that path. The program changed my vision. The program changed my life’s plan. It led me to Atlanta, GA where I am serving two years teaching math and science in a Catholic middle school through University of Notre Dame’s Masters in Education Program—the Alliance for Catholic Education.

I would not be here if it wasn’t for that group of women who I shared that room with last October. I would not be here if I did not sit at the dinner table every day with four other young women, my SJW community members, who were filled with the same zeal and desire to transform the world through a selfless commitment working for others.

The Saint Joseph Worker Program empowers. It transforms. It gives us the opportunity to enhance our global awareness. It gives us the opportunity to impact lives, directly serving those who live at the margins of society through teaching, youth and adult ministry, healthcare–the list truly goes on. We are given the opportunity to become the CSJ charism in the flesh—working, living, and breathing justice, loving the dear neighbor without distinction, and responding to the needs of our time.

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