I am Dr. Bobbie Stevens and I am co-founder and CEO of Unlimited Futures, which is an organization that provides programs in the development of human potential.  We have some great examples of clients creating life partners, ideal jobs, dream homes and just about anything else they decided they wanted!

Aging But DANGEROUS CEO, Jean Ketcham, is one of those clients!  She recently visited with me about all the things she created through our program – you can listen to her speak on this by visiting the Radio tab at www.unlimitedfutures.org.

Jean Ketcham is an excellent example of a woman who worked with the Unlimited Futures process, took charge of her life and created what she wanted for herself.  Today, we are all benefiting from this great format she co-founded for all women to join together and discover new possibilities.

I will be blogging about such subjects as the Seven Steps in the Creative Process, what role our beliefs play in our ability to create, as well as, several other thought provoking subjects.  Often this prompts additional questions and I look forward to answering them in my next blog!  If you have questions, you are welcome to email me at Bobbie@UnlimitedFutures.org.  Interested in knowing more?  Check out our web site – Unlimited Futures.org!