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Seniors Helping Seniors® in home services matches seniors, retired people from all walks of life, who want to help, with seniors who are looking for help.   In so many ways it is a win-win relationship for the seniors providing the help and receiving the help because of the strength and compassion that is born out of the relationships that develop.

When a senior works with Seniors Helping Seniors® they develop relationships with other seniors.  They may be coming in to help around the home, or drive them to an appointment, giving their time to the senior needing their help, but they are also gaining an understanding that true joy lies in helping others.  They feel they are making a difference in someone’s life, that what they are doing is making a difference for someone else. They gain a sense of purpose they may have lost when they retired, a reason to get up in the morning.

When a senior works with Seniors Helping Seniors®  , and makes another senior a priority in their lives, even for a few hours a day or week, they feel the sense of reward in helping and they often say they learn a little and grow a little bit more each day.  Each job they accept and each new relationship they develop with the seniors they are helping, enriches their life as much as they enrich the lives of the seniors they help.  They share stories, experiences, and concerns about all the twists and turns of life, and quite simply, those that give and those who receive learn from each other.





The seniors that work with Seniors Helping Seniors® have flexible part-time schedules to fit their lives.  There are no minimum hours needed to be worked.  Each senior accepts or declines working any particular assignment. They may take on helping only one senior or several.  We would want them to stay committed to the seniors they have agreed to help, but if a vacation is planned or days off are needed, we can find someone to fill in for them.

So, if you are a caring compassionate person that enjoys helping others and would like a rewarding, meaningful, flexible part-time job, Seniors Helping Seniors® in home services is the place to call.

You can find us online at www.seniorshelpingseniors.com, reach us by phone at 763-694-0165 or email us at helpingseniorsmn@gmail.com .

We look forward to talking to you!

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