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Harmony Kaplan will be our guest on Saturday, April 16th at 9:30 AM on KLBB 1220 AM.  Listen live or through streaming by clicking here.
Back when she was known as Harmony Slater,she began her career at Dayton’s in the Special Events department.  Harmony co-hosted a teen radio show which featured the top ten songs of the week and the top ten fashions of the week, broadcast from the downtown store’s auditorium.
She did fashion commentary for all of Dayton’s fashion shows.
Harmony was the fashion“tipster” on the syndicated television show , P.M. Magazine .She has done fashion seminars. emcee work and countless other shows for stores and organizations throughout the Twin Cities.
For about 5 year she was the fill in co host on My Talk 1071’s Shop Girls broadcast on Saturdays from 11-1, with  her daughter, Allison Kaplan,Senior Style and Shopping Editor for Mpls/St. Paul Magazine.  She became the permanent co-host with Allison about three years ago.
And thru it all she just keeps shopping!!
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