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Lady Gaga shares about herself – Very Interesting!

December 28th, 2016|Comments Off on Lady Gaga shares about herself – Very Interesting!

Perhaps she is Aging Bur DANGEROUS in training??  Your thoughts?



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13 hours ago

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Ann RinkenbergerAlso shelled peas on my grandma's porch with the windows open (no air conditioning). She would make orange-ade (freshly-squeezed oranges and lemons with sugar and water) for us to drink while preparing fresh vegetables for dinner.3   ·  13 hours ago

Rita NorwoodErica guess I'll plant some green beans. You'll have to bring the children ♡ would love teaching Jaden and Cami and watching Adi chew on them ♡1   ·  8 hours ago

Sandra LynnSnapping beans and shelling peas...My grandparents had a wonderful garden. I still remember some of those conversations with Grandma.55 minutes ago

Susan DeyoeTake fresh green beans to any Alzheimer's Unit or Nursing home...while cooking some with bacon and new potatoes...that is fun!7 hours ago

Karen Hamlett WilliamsDone that with mom and grandma, plus corn, grapes and anything that comes out of garden. I would give anything if I could still do that with them, but I have the memories.1 hour ago

Peg GuyerSnapped mant green beans, shelled many peas and lima beans with my Gramma. Husked many, many MANY ears of sweet corn, too! Best childhood EVER!! <3 Miss my Gramma!2 hours ago

Sharon ShiveOh I don't know about that we do that at my house 🏡 we luv fresh green beans we get them from veg stand and bring home and snap with this Grandma 👵5 hours ago

Blair Reichert WilsonI still do it, sadly without my grandma, but with the beautiful beans I pick up at the Farmer's Market or get from friends, all summer long!4 hours ago

Sandy Combs Rathmemories of my Nan who could make anything from scratch...1   ·  12 hours ago

Mary WheatleyI did this by myself the otherday.i used to help gramma gray hugs sent to heaven to all amen11 hours ago

Loni BossLoved doing this with my Grandma Grace Beck! Followed her around the garden like a little puppy.2 hours ago

Karen WilsonEvery summer, everyone at home helped!! Family time was great!7 hours ago

Norma ResnerMany, many times with my Great Aunt. She had gardens that didn't quit. She is the one that instilled my love of gardening.12 hours ago

Barb BrownThats busy on their hand held devices! 🙂10 hours ago

Kim WilliamsOr pea's or ruebarb strings. Or topping strawberries.....sad....11 hours ago

Margaret GipsonSo true. Or shelled peas and butter beans or shuck corn.......7 hours ago

Barbara StabnauI remember helping Grandma snapping bean, if I helped I would get a raw one to nibble on..precious memories...5 hours ago

Audrey BlakeYeah probably, but Grandma doesn't either😜6 hours ago

Faye EllisI remember doing this with my mom and grandma!11 hours ago

Ofelia CarbajalThis grandma is not your traditional grandma I don't do that, 👍😁7 hours ago

Mary LoosMiss my grandma every day❤12 hours ago

Kathryn Wilsoni did ....wish i could again10 hours ago

Joyce Vinson9 hours ago

Flora Fitzsimmonsso true2 hours ago

Diane PriceI have broke green beans with G3 hours ago

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